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History of Arabic astrology

Designed in ancient Mesopotamia between the Tigris and the Euphrates, Arab astrology was already practiced in the Sumerian era.

The period during which this astrological system flourished was marked in parallel by great scientific research, notably in astronomy and mathematics. Several variants and practices of Arab astrology have spread since the 11th century throughout the Mediterranean basin and especially in Sicily and Spain, wherever Arab civilization has passed. The traditions attached to Arab astrology, however, left little written record because it was mostly a rural practice rather than an astrological system reserved for an elite scholar. Thus, it is above all the oral tradition of the ancients and the tales transmitted from generation to generation by the peoples of the Mediterranean who believed in magic, which has allowed to preserve a unique divinatory tradition, where the signs of each of us are all related to a weapon.

The system of Arabic astrology

According to the system of Arab astrology, each man or woman are endowed with a combat weapon at the time of their birth, to accompany and guide them on the uncertain and strewn with pitfalls path of their earthly life. The weapon attributed to us at birth has a talismanic and symbolic value as regards our attitude towards life, directly related to the specific characteristics of the weapon in question: composition, strength, solidity, flexibility, lightness, reach, precision. However, our initial weapon doesn't decide on our destiny in advance. On the contrary, beginning with the weapon of our birth, we can consequently change our destiny and evolve by changing weapons during our lifetime. The consequences of the decisions we take depend on the capabilities of our starting weapon and affect our evolution in life. Success, love, wealth, social ascent, but sometimes also failures and stagnation are not predetermined and intangible ways. Our starting weapon gives us clear indications on how to defend ourselves against the adversity of life and to rebound when necessary to reach a destination weapon that is up to our ambitions.

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The 12 weapons of Arabic astrology

There are three sets of weapons each consisting of four weapons of different sizes, each with a different range. The first group of weapons includes short weapons, the second includes medium weapons, and the third includes long weapons. Moreover, within each group the same hierarchy is maintained (size and range). To summarize, the climb begins with the shorter weapon that has the shortest range (knife) to the twelfth and last weapon with the longest range (bow). The hierarchy of weapons corresponds to the social place of man in the society in which he finds himself, which can be measured by three specific factors: the date of birth, the place of birth and the social environment of the parents. Thus, the numerical transformation of these three data makes it possible to determine the number, thus the individual's weapon of birth.

Group 1 (KnifeDagger, CutlassArabian Dagger), Group 2 (Iron MassPeasant ClubAxeChain), Group 3 (SwordLanceSlingshotBow)

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let's take a closer look at the 3 factors that contribute to determining our starting weapon

  1. The birth date: The factor of destiny corresponds to the character determined at our birth. The weapon of destiny symbolizes the predestination and the chances a person has at the beginning of his life, outside of any outside influence. The character of the birth weapon is directly related to our birth period according to Western astrology, that is to say, our solar sign.

  2. The Birthplace: The psychological factor (or scale of self-awareness) is determined by the place of birth and indicates the potential for adaptability and integration into social life of a person. The psychological weapon is an indicator of the possible realization of the aspirations encountered by someone during his life (support but also obstacles), as well as his own strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and hidden qualities.

  3. The social environment of the parents: The luck factor or scale is calculated based on the social background of someone’s parents. The weapon of luck refers directly to the education and life tools that someone receives from his parents. It greatly influences an individual's ability to seize the opportunity that may come his way and which can allow him to seize it at the right time rather than watch it go off with regret and bitterness.

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