The Arabian Dagger - Arabic Horoscope

Horoscope, character and love compatibility of the Arabian Dagger, fourth sign of Arabic astrology

The Arabian Dagger is a weapon often associated with secrecy, imbalance and unpredictability.

His strong character pushes him towards conflict, intrigue and risk taking. Bold, this weapon is not cold. Arrogant, passionate and enigmatic, the dark side of the fourth weapon of Arab astrology is as fascinating as a source of worries. Very complex, it is almost impossible to predict his actions in advance. Impetuous and angry, the Arabian Dagger is the weapon of vengeance with bitter tastes.

He can actually wait for days, weeks or even years until the right moment to take his revenge on his enemies. Similarly, when he is upset, the Arabian Dagger can be dangerous and cruel, sometimes even taking pleasure in inflicting gratuitous suffering on the one who is the object of his wrath.

Extremely competitive, the Arabian Dagger is the weapon of the persons who are ready to seize every opportunity to achieve their goals. He lives his life according to his desires and impulses. As he has difficulty to project himself into building in the long term, he tends to behave like a predator in the savannah, solely focused on the quest for his next meal. If the Arabian Dagger is not taken care of and properly educated from an early age, he runs the risk of becoming a bad person.

Disregarding social and moral conventions, his freedom of conscience is his great strength just as much as it can bring him to ruin if he is not careful. If he wants to be able to positively return the specificities of his character, the Arabian Dagger must learn to channel his destructive impulses into inventive expressions. Rather than merely attacking, criticizing or even slandering at all winds, he can confront his own image and reveal himself by the accomplishment of great works which will be admired by men for their organizational qualities in the service of the common good.

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In his daily life, the Arabian Dagger shines more for his cunning than for his talent for philosophy. However, his observational skills allow him to analyze his environment with relevance and then, like a chameleon, to adopt the appropriate behavior in order to obtain the object of his desire. Still, a well educated Arabian Dagger can become an example to follow through the positive energy and appetite he has for life.

In love, the Arabian Dagger is a person with whom surprise is always at the corner, for the pleasures that he’s willing to offer his partner, but also for his long unjustified absences.

The Arabian Dagger’s Trades and jobs

Policeman, soldier, athlete, sports or fitness coach, dog trainer, nightclub bouncer, bodyguard, crook, criminal

Love compatibility with the Arabian Dagger

Arabic Sign Compatibility
Knife 💜
Dagger 💜
Cutlass 💜
Arabian Dagger 💜💜💜
Iron Mass 💜💜💜💜
Peasant Club 💜
Axe 💜💜
Chain 💜💜
Sword 💜
Lance 💜💜
Slingshot 💜💜
Bow 💜💜💜
Arabian Dagger  - Arabic horoscope by astrOrient © Konbi

Arabian Dagger - Arabic horoscope by astrOrient © Konbi

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Correspondence between the Arabian Dagger and the sign of Scorpio

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is in correspondence with the Arabic astrological sign of the Arabian Dagger. However, being Scorpio doesn't mean that one is automatically the Arabic sign of the Arabian Dagger. Indeed, your weapon in the Arabic horoscope depends on your solar sign but also your place of birth and the occupation of your parents. Use our free calculator to calculate your true Arabic sign according to traditional Arabic astrology and discover its meaning, character and horoscope, whether you are a man or a woman.

Characteristics of Scorpio

Date of Birth: the sun crosses the zodiac constellation of Scorpio between October 24 until November 22
Symbol: Scorpion
Element: Water
Planet: Mars
Jewel: Amethyst

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