The Knife - Arabic Horoscope

Horoscope, character and love compatibility of the Sword, first sign of Arabic astrology

The Knife is the first weapon of Arabic astrology and therefore corresponds to the starting figure out of the 12 weapons.

Therefore, this man or woman is at the bottom of the social ladder, which is good news in the sense that he can only rise higher up, provided that he learns from his weapon how to act better than the typical transgressions induced by his zodiac sign.

Thus, the personality of a Knife is often marked by a tenacious indiscipline, for he tends to confuse his natural mistrust of the order imposed by society with the personal control of his body and mind. The Knife is a convinced anarchist who refuses all convention and established order. Thus, he prefers to play with the system rather than coping with it, even if it means making him take unnecessary risks that shall only contribute to maintain him as a Knife.

Introverted and defeatist, the Knife also lacks ambition, even though his lucidity and his reading of the movement of the world could allow him to achieve wonders, as long as he doesn’t let himself be overcome with irony and rancor. Angry and scattered, he needs to find a direction and a clear life goal, even more since he can't live by himself.

Fortunately, the Knife is a cunning person, who manages most of the time to stay in his role of an assisted being who needs constant help without imposing himself too much on others, so great is his ability to make what is reprehensible or considered as excessive idleness look natural. In addition, it is better to offer him a valuable item or a sum of money rather than lend anything to him, as he can't organize himself properly to pay his debt on time or in good condition.

As he gets easily dominated by his own emotions, he is easily manipulated by unscrupulous souls who can drag him into the illusory dreams of a quickly won fortune. Yet, when the Knife finally becomes aware of the neglected state of his life and the bad slope he is on, he sometimes rebels against his own defects and works with an unwavering desire to improve his condition. It is then necessary for him to know how to knock on the right door in order to finally optimize his chance of bringing order to his life.

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The deep sensitivity of the Knife and his piercing eyes on the world can allow him if he wishes to develop artistic gifts that are just waiting to materialize. Writing, music and poetry are all stepping stones that can help him rise above his condition. If he meets the right weapons on the path of his life, the Knife can, against all odds and without great effort, open the doors of social success that seem inaccessible in his early youth. If ever, among the 12 weapons of Arab astrology you find yourself falling in the box of the Knife, then count on the intrinsic qualities of your birth weapon and on your personal will to rebound and regain the control of your destiny.

The Knife’s Trades and Jobs

Long-term unemployed, beggar, mountebank

The Knife  - Arabic horoscope by astrOrient © Konbi

The Knife - Arabic horoscope by astrOrient © Konbi

Love compatibility with the Knife

Arabic Sign Compatibility
Knife 💜💜💜
Dagger 💜💜💜
Cutlass 💜
Arabian Dagger 💜
Iron Mass 💜💜
Peasant Club 💜💜
Axe 💜💜
Chain 💜
Sword 💜
Lance 💜💜
Slingshot 💜💜💜💜
Bow 💜💜💜

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Correspondence between the Knife and the sign of Virgo

The zodiac sign of Virgo is in correspondence with the Arabic astrological sign of the Knife. However, being Virgo doesn't mean that one is automatically the Arabic sign of the Knife. Indeed, your weapon in the Arabic horoscope depends on your solar sign but also your place of birth and the occupation of your parents. Use our free calculator to calculate your true Arabic sign according to traditional Arabic astrology and discover its meaning, character and horoscope, whether you are a man or a woman.

Characteristics of Virgo

Date of Birth: the sun crosses the zodiac constellation of Virgo between August 23 until September 22
Symbol: Virgin maiden
Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Jewel: Sapphire

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