The Iron Mass - Arabic Horoscope

Horoscope, character and love compatibility of the Iron Mass, fifth sign of Arabic astrology

The Iron Mass behaves as respectfully towards his hierarchy as he can become tough and unyielding towards his subordinates.

Conservative by nature, he is not very open to new things, even if he likes to pretend otherwise. he has the secret and ardent desire to obtain goods that can flatter his self-esteem and reassure him on his professional qualities. Thus, the Iron Mass spends a lot of time chasing power, honors and success.

Little gifted for initiatives, he is not the type to fight for the cause of other people, but rather to obey faithfully the orders he receives from his superiors. Always willing to distort the truth in order to please his hierarchy, the Iron Mass is also capable of the worst slander against those he considers underneath him. Cunning, calculating and authoritarian, he is a hard and cold weapon, only malleable by those who know how to use him.

Changing and mobile at the same time, it is almost impossible to predict in advance the actions of the Iron Mass, especially since he is able to adapt to all situations. Determined but weak, he represents all the extreme behaviors on his own.

He manages to justify each one of his behaviors with a lot of confidence, because he always believes he is in his good right and that he has the preliminary approval of an authority even before he’s acted. His sense of duty and commitment often allows him to access positions of power and oversight.

The Iron Mass is the typical astrology sign corresponding to the small workshop manager inside a factory. Placed at the head of a small group of workers, he satisfies his need to command by imposing discipline and obedience on those who can't stand up to him.

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The Iron Mass has the gift to understand the realities much better than he lets appear, which avoids him having to rely too much on his intuition or having to cultivate mystery, which isn’t in his nature either. The fear of losing his place, which he holds preciously, is at the source of most of the actions he undertakes.

In love, the Iron Mass is generous with his partner. He is totally devoted to his family and places great importance on family ties. Only his piques of anger can at times exasperate his relatives. Anyway, the Iron Mass is stable in his sentimental relationships, as he needs to feel supported in his pursuit of success to achieve the goals he has set for himself.

The Iron Mass’ Trades and Jobs

Head of Office, NCO in the army, police inspector, foreman, trade unionist, butler

Love compatibility with the Iron Mass

Arabic Sign Compatibility
Knife 💜💜
Dagger 💜
Cutlass 💜💜
Arabian Dagger 💜💜💜💜
Iron Mass 💜💜💜
Peasant Club 💜💜
Axe 💜
Chain 💜💜
Sword 💜💜
Lance 💜
Slingshot 💜💜
Bow 💜💜💜
The Iron Mass  - Arabic horoscope by astrOrient © Konbi

The Iron Mass - Arabic horoscope by astrOrient © Konbi

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Correspondence between the Iron Mass and the sign of Taurus

The zodiac sign of Taurus is in correspondence with the Arabic astrological sign of the Iron Mass. However, being Taurus doesn't mean that one is automatically the Arabic sign of the Iron Mass. Indeed, your weapon in the Arabic horoscope depends on your solar sign but also your place of birth and the occupation of your parents. Use our free calculator to calculate your true Arabic sign according to traditional Arabic astrology and discover its meaning, character and horoscope, whether you are a man or a woman.

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